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We Need Volunteers!
Volunteers are essential to make Seattle Center accessible for the thousands of people that will fill it on March 19!! We need help for the following activities and more.
I can help with:
In preparation for March 19:
Putting up posters and handing out flyers between now and March 19 to promote this event
Bannering on the freeway overpasses to promote March 19

On the day of March 19:
Peacekeeping at the rally and march
Set-up/take-down of the stage at Seattle Center
Support participants (pass out water, answer questions, etc.)
Hold signs and banners during the march and rally
Support the speakers and musical groups that are participating
Fundraise at the event

We need as many volunteers as possible to make sure this event runs smoothly. Please contact Erin Alexander at erin_alexander2003@yahoo.com or 206-856-4059 for more information and to sign up!